Horse Driving Safety Tips

Guidelines to keep you and your horse safe

horse driving safety tips1. NEVER – tie up and leave your horse with the vehicle attached.

2. NEVER – tie your horse up to any carriage.

3. NEVER – remove any parts of your harness until you have unhitched your vehicle.

4. Take your horse to the vehicle completely harnessed up, bridle and reins included.

5. Always have someone with you when you are ready to hitch up.

6. NEVER – have anyone in the vehicle when you are hitching up or unhitching.

7. Do not let anyone else in the vehicle before you are in and have full contact.

8. NEVER – take off a driving horse’s bridle or reins while he is fastened to the vehicle, he may become frightened when he sees something coming behind him.

9. Check regularly that your vehicle and harness are in safe working condition.

10. Rein buckle billets can wear, check them every time you harness up along with the stitching on the joints of the reins.


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Guidelines to keep you and your horse safe